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The new AQUA SIPHON is 5 inches on center, 22 inches long, and has 3 inches of thread.

The AQUA SIPHON Stainless Steel Hot Water Coil Kit comes complete, with a lifetime warranty to the original owner, installation instructions with diagrams, a pressure relief valve, two installation gaskets, two metal washers, and four lock nuts. Heat your domestic water for free! For information or support, call our toll-free Hot Water Hotline at (800) 807-7041. The manufacturer, Thermo-Bilt, has been heating your household water since 1985. The AQUA SIPHON also works as well in coal stoves, in coal furnace brands such as Clayton, Foxfire, Jensen, or Leaders. Call us to speak with a U.S. Technician.

This coil has the best warranty on the market. Unlike some competitors, our coil is made and tested to UL standards.

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